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CrossFit is not dangerous, unfortunately bad coaching and programming IS. Since all CrossFit gyms design their own programs (workouts), when looking for a CrossFit gym it is important to know how long the box has been around, how much experience and qualifications the coaches have, and how much experience the box’s program director has programming workouts. The most common cause of injury in CrossFit or any workout routine is poor coaching and programming.

CrossFit Ripped was established in 2011. Our coaches have over 4 years’ experience coaching, teaching & programming CrossFit and over 10 years’ experience as strength and conditioning trainers. Our program has a proven & verifiable 3 year track record with countless testimonials from clients. We offer safe, effective programming in a beautiful, clean, 5500 square foot- state of the art facility. We are not just a gym, we are a family that sweats, suffers and succeeds….. together!!