How does a CrossFit gym work?

CrossFit gyms work in group classes where everyone is performing the same workout together while under the guidance of certified trainers the entire time. With each class the group participating is basically receiving personal training every time you enter the gym. Classes have a very fun, open, inviting, upbeat and competitive vibe. Workouts are short but intense, and you will see results! Each class runs about an hour, and includes a warm up, explanation of the movements in the WOD (workout of the day) and then 3-2-1-GO! We begin the workout, and usually finish with a cool down or some core work.

What is a WOD?

WOD stands for “Workout of the Day”. Each day the Workout of the Day will be posted on the website and gym whiteboard and it is the workout to be performed by all classes that day. The workouts are planned using a detailed, and goal specific monthly programming schedule that covers all aspects of overall functional fitness.

Am I in good enough shape for CrossFit? Is CrossFit Ripped for me?

YES!!! CrossFit is for EVERYONE. CrossFit is for people of all ages, weights, and levels of fitness. It is for males, females, kids and elderly. It is for the professional athlete, recreational athletes, or someone who has never worked out before… The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability which makes it the perfect fitness program for any individual regardless of experience. We will never substitute the movements, but we will scale up or down the load (weight), and intensity based on ones level of fitness. The basis of the CrossFit program is utilizing constantly varied functional movements, but performing them at high intensities. The needs of world class athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind. Increased power, strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, stamina, and coordination are each important to the world’s best athletes, to you, to kids, and to our grandparents.

I like what I see, but I am a little nervous it may be too hard…

Relax!! CrossFit is a scalable functional fitness program for people of all levels of fitness. The beauty of the program is its ability to be scaled up or down, while still maintaining its effectiveness. Every new member is required to attend two CrossFit Fundamentals classes where we will learn about your level of fitness, as well as teach you all of the basic methods, and fundamental movements of CrossFit. A fitness assessment test is performed in the Intro to give us a gauge of where your level of fitness is so that we may scale you accordingly in your training. We obviously would not have a member who has not worked out in 2 years doing the same workout as the athlete who trains regularly; we will scale down the load (weight), and intensity, and modify the movement to get you up to speed. Before you know it, you will be performing WOD’s at full speed! The worst thing you can do is do nothing at all, moving is what the human body was built to do, and some movement is better than none at all, so fear not, make the choice to live healthy then on come in and let us get you there.

How do I start?

If you would like to come get a “taste” of what a CrossFit workout is all about, you can come to any of our classes for free and see if you have what it takes! Once you experience a CrossFit class, you will never want to go back to a normal gym again. We will set you up with a new member package and get you signed up!

If you know CrossFit is for you and are ready to get in the best shape of your life, just stop in and sign up.

All new members are required to attend our CrossFit Fundamentals classes. These are 2 mandatory classes that will educate and prepare you for the CrossFit experience. The classes cover all of the CrossFit methods & philosophy, nutritional advice and planning, as well as detailed instructions and explanations on the basic core movements of CrossFit. Once you have completed your 2 Fundamentals classes, you will be equiped with the proper tools and training to be able to jump in to our group WOD’s. These classes are included in your price of membership.

What will I need to start CrossFit?

Not much. Just get your workout gear on, and show up for your WOD. The only thing we ask you to bring is your best effort every time you are here. Give us your all, because we will ALWAYS give you our all. Be prepared to work hard, and get results!