How To Join Us

The CrossFit program is for EVERYBODY!! You do not need to be “in shape” already, or have any sort of athletic pre-requisites to do CrossFit and see results. Whether you are young, old, an elite athlete, or out of shape…it does not matter!! Our program is universally scalable for all. We are one big open family of CrossFitters with a common goal of becoming the fittest and healthiest we can be, and we welcome all to come join us in our quest!

Getting started is simple…

If you are ready to join, just stop by our facility or give us a call and we will get you signed up and ready to jump into one of our fundamentals classes.

CrossFit Fundamentals Classes:
Once you sign up, all new members are required to attend our 2 day CrossFit Fundamentals Classes which are included in your 1st month’s membership. In these courses we will teach you CrossFit’s 9 basic movements and provide you with a detailed education of the CrossFit philosophy & methodology, the CrossFit Ripped nutrition plan, and the importance of the CrossFit mantra of mechanics, consistency, and then intensity. We also offer a full body composition exam and weigh in to track and monitor your results, and these classes always end with a beginner’s workout. There are several reasons for requiring this introduction process; jumping into regular Group Workouts without addressing movements and introductions first will be a disservice to your progress as well as a risk for injury. Once you have completed these 2 classes, you are ready to jump into to regular CrossFit classes and be on your way to achieving optimal health and fitness. Please call to schedule your fundamentals class.

Download our “Waiver & Health Info” form, sign and bring it with you the day of your first workout.