At CrossFit Ripped we have a firm belief in the principles that surround the CrossFit program and nobody can argue with its results.  We do realize, however, that there are many athletes out there who want to work out hard, get in the best shape of their life, lose weight, & get lean and toned without adding muscle mass. We realize there are many athletes who participate in sports or activities where heavy weightlifting does not translate to, or others who may have prior injuries that just don’t allow them to lift heavy weights…. We realize that there are many athletes who are no longer seeing results with their current boot camp, spin, or theory class. It is with all of these athletes in mind that we developed our RipFit training program.

RipFit is a program that is derived from the same format and principles as our proven CrossFit program; only we eliminate the barbells and all of the heavy weightlifting. Nobody can argue with the life changing effectiveness and results that the CrossFit program offers. These results are based on its structure of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensities in a fun and competitive group setting. RipFit offers the same exact format & intensity, with many similar movements, without the weightlifting aspect you see in CrossFit……..What you are left with is an extremely effective , high intensity, fat burning, muscle toning, life changing workout that is designed to be your next challenge over your average boot camp, spin class, or “theory” workout.

I realize through the years that I have lost many clients or potential clients that love our program, love our gym and our environment, but they just don’t enjoy or feel comfortable with the heavy weightlifting. I also realize many of you probably have friends or family that may be interested in CrossFit Ripped and hear you bragging about it… but they are just a little intimidated or nervous  to come out and try it because of the weightlifting aspect…That is why I developed this program… RipFit is a perfect intro to anyone who wants to take the step of getting in shape and try us out. 

Rip Fit Class SCHEDULE:

Morning: 8:25 am, 9:35 am
Evening: 5:30 pm, 6:40 pm, 7:50 pm