People always ask me “what is crossfit?”

Well, let’s see how I can define something that has become one of my passions in life!!! Crossfit is not a “gym”. It is a community! You will bond with people, who will push you to be better everyday, who will inspire you to achieve your full potential! It’s not like anything you have ever experienced in life! You have to be part of it to understand it! It completely changed who I am. When I first started, a 10 lb bar was the heaviest freaking thing I could lift. I used to look at other people doing pull ups, heavy deadlifts, back squats and think “God what did I get myself into? I am never going to be able to do any of these things.” Boy was I
wrong!!!  Progress takes time, dedication, discipline! But it will happen and when it does, you become addicted to it! So that is what crossfit is: it changes you, not only physically but mentally!!! It is not a gym, it’s a choice, a lifestyle, my drive, my sanity, my obsession!!! So thank you Scott and the Crossfit Ripped Community for everything!!! You are all an inspiration and I am blessed to be part of it!!! Oh and I almost forgot, it turns out 100lbs is actually not that heavy!!!

– Marjorie

When i first started coming to CrossFit Ripped in September of 2012 i had been playing lacrosse for my highschool team and wanted to get in shape for the upcoming season. I remember walking in for my first class to see a workout with box jumps, push jerks, and pull ups in it written on the board. Not even knowing what a “push jerk” was i automatically assumed i would get through the workout with ease. Probably not even a minute into the workout i found out that my assumption was horribly wrong. Fortunately, that was also right around the time i was given tips and instructions on how to scale down the pull ups and push jerks so i was able to efficiently finish the rest of my workout. I finished the workout exhausted with barely enough energy to do anything but high five a few of the other people in the class but when i got home i immediately got excited for the next day’s wod. To this day that feeling has not faded away and ironically, my lacrosse season i was training for never came because i decided i rather go to the gym instead. Just by being a member of CrossFit Ripped i have learned so much about myself and fitness which has helped me become the fittest and happiest i have ever been. I am so thankful that i found such a great gym/community/team/friends to be a part of and look forward to the many years ahead at CrossFit Ripped.

– Juan Aquino

When I was going through tough times physically, professionally and personally, the CrossFitRipped program built for me a pillar of core strength that elevated all parts of my life.  For 2 years I had Sciatic problems that were getting progressively worse due to a sedentary lifestyle. After 3 months with CrossFit ripped, I lost 10 lbs, gained strength with immeasurable endurance, and my back problems diminished.  I went from being able to barely do 1 pull up to being able to 10 proper.  The program and training is one that I highly recommend.  Do it and it will positively change your life like it did for me.

Thanks man. Very much missing my CrossFitRipped workouts.

– Kirk Peart

The day I walked into Crossfit Ripped I remember I was really nervous to be the new guy in the box and considering I was only fifteen I can definitely say I was one of the youngest people there. I didn’t know the people and I didn’t know how to perform any of the movements that are required but that all soon changed. Within a month of being there, I started to get the hang of Crossfit. Everyone there helped me out with whatever I needed and pushed me to finish the workout when I required it the most. Scott does a great job of keeping friendly competition in the gym but also making sure that everyone is performing the movements efficiently and with correct form. Going to Crossfit Ripped is definitely the highlight of my day, knowing that I can get a great workout in with other people who are there to push me to my full potential. I am really happy that I can be a part of the Crossfit Ripped Community.

– Jake Lender